While we always encourage you to call us to discuss your requirements, please find below some of the most commonly questions we are asked:


What Will My Video Cost?

Every video production we undertake is different. All our work is quoted for up front and to do that we need an exact specification from you.

If you want us to provide an approximate figure based on a rough idea, please call us on 0845 519 60 30 or email.

In order to give you an approximate costing we'll need to know:

  • Intended video duration (total length and if it will be broken up into separate discrete videos or different versions)
  • How many shooting days will be required
  • If you require music, a voiceover or a presenter
  • Intended location of video shoot
  • Do you need any graphics or animations beyond basic captions
  • A brief summery of what the video is to cover, subject area etc (need only be one or two sentences).


How Long Will My Video Take To Produce?

All our projects work to agreed deadlines that are specified up front. Turnaround time for certain types of projects can be under 24 hours. However typically for the average corporate video without an exceptionally tight deadline we usually say allow 2 to 3 weeks from the shoot date for final delivery (which allows you adequate time to feed back any changes from the rough cuts).

Every project is different so please speak to us about your requirements.


Do I Need To Attend The Shoot?

We encourage our clients to attend the shoot. This will enable you to have creative input at the most critical stage of the project. We also value your expert advice as we are experts in video production, but we aren't experts in your industry. 


Can You Help Us Get Our Video Online?

Yes. We can provide your video in web ready formats including files suitable for Youtube and Vimeo. We can upload your video to your own Youtube channel, or if you prefer we can place in on our own Youtube channel.


More answers to be added soon.

Web Links

We work with lots of different companies who help us bring our productions to life. Here's some links to some we reccomend:

MxM - A superb range of video camera accessories including SHDC and SDXC adaptors for Sony cameras. 

Jamm Design - Who do a superb job of design our brochures and the artwork for our DVD's.

Rizzo Voice - One of our most requested female voiceovers, from Woodlarks to Wellington Country Park, Annette has voiced it.

Adobe - Media2u productions are currently edited on Adobe Creative Suite.


FAQ didn't answer your question?

We're here to help

Please feel free to call us on 0845 519 60 30 to discuss your project. Many of our most successful projects have started with a phone call and somebody with a rough idea of what they wanted to do. We can guide you through the entire project from inception through to final delivery.

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Telephone Support

We're here to help you through the duration of your project. Call us on 0845 519 60 30.

Rough Cuts

Rough cuts of projects are made available to you via download in order that you can feed back any changes at key stages during the edit.

All Projects Costed Up Front

All our projects are fully specified and costed up front. There are no hidden surprises with our pricing!

Working Across The UK

We shoot throughout the UK. Recent productions have been shot in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Sussex, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Somerset.